What are the construction problems and difficulties of steel structure interlayer


Nowadays, many industrial plants are of high height. In order to use the space reasonably, it is more common to increase the usable area and carry out secondary manufacturing. The steel structure mezzanine is used in industrial plants or stores, which can play a role in separating the upper level. Increase the usable area. The area of industrial workshops is becoming larger and larger, and the manufacture of steel interlayers has become a common secondary manufacturing method.

  The difficulty in the construction of the steel structure interlayer is the quality control of the entire structure. From the load-bearing function, the rooting of the interlayer is particularly important. The so-called rooting is how well the steel bars, steel columns, and steel beams are installed and embedded in the original structure to play a load-bearing function. When these steel components are implanted and buried, it is necessary to check the load-bearing function of the original structure, and select suitable steel devices in consideration of the corresponding load-bearing function to reduce the weight and reduce the pressure and load on the original structure. Before the anchor is implanted, the debris in the wall hole must be cleaned up, and the next step can be carried out after tightening. Anchoring is the first step in rooting. The quality of the hair strands must meet the construction specifications and the anchors must be tightened. After that, the main beam can be installed.



The main beam is a difficult nephew of the construction of the steel structure interlayer, and the main beam is also the primary component of load-bearing. The selection of the main beam steel has a certain relationship with the span of the interlayer. For the interlayer with a smaller span, I-beam or H-shaped steel can be used. If the span is large, the box girder can be selected. After the steel beam is selected and established, it can be processed and manufactured, cut, rust removed, primer, etc., pay attention to, and the length of all steel components should also be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid data corruption or excessively short steel. Proceed to device manufacturing.

The connection of the steel structure interlayer is mainly the connection of embedded parts, steel beams and other components, which is also the primary connection of the entire frame structure. The steel structure interlayer can generally be connected by high-strength bolts or welding. These two connection methods are the most commonly used. , But you should also pay attention to the quality of the connection. The misalignment of the screw holes will cause the steel components to be difficult to install or the installation is not in place, and then the quality of the installation of the entire steel component does not meet the requirements. Welding parts should be fully welded, but there will be missing or missing welds.